Facebook’s Creator Studios Has Added In New Preview Features To Kick Off The New Year For Users

Facebook has added a slew of new features to its Creator Studio, including methods via which videos and in-stream content can have previews be generated before being uploaded, as reported by Matt Navarra.

These features are what kicked off the New Year for Facebook, being the first major additions to the platform in 2022. Well, I say major, but these are pretty run of the mill upgrades, so let’s manage our expectations, shall we? Details on the Metaverse continue to be reticent as development on the project continues, so we’re just going to shift our attention to the two new additions to Facebook’s Creator Studio. The studio keeps getting updates on a near-monthly basis, which makes sense considering just how much revenue creators generate for the platform. Influencers and content creators more or less form the lifeline of social media platforms across the board, and all of them have completely jumped onto the bandwagon, providing them with creator tools, sponsorship programs, and other relevant privileges. If content creators keep making stuff that users want to check out, more people join social media platforms, and everyone wins.

Starting us off are video previews for Stories. This is one of the biggest additions to the Studio, and adds more depth to how one presents their content on Facebook and/or Instagram stories. Essentially, a user can now generate a twenty second preview clip from a video that they’re uploading. This preview will then run on stories, instead of the typical static image that is presented when a full video is added to stories. The previews allow creators to get creative with engaging audiences, and allow audiences the ability to better sift through which content they want to engage with in the first place. Then again, it should be noted that Creator Studio will only allow users to choose specific segments of the video as previews, as opposed to editing out different parts to make a twenty second short.

Users can also now take a look at how their content looks in a timeline view, being able to preview published Page posts via a new Creator Studio tool. This feature also allows users to examine how their in-stream content will end up looking, allowing for optimal setups and adjustments to be made before a user goes live.

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