YouTube has come up with some new features for its TV app and they are great

YouTube has been in the video hosting world for a good while now, they have been one of the best platforms where people come and watch videos or even to start a new creator career with them. YouTube also provides its content creator to upload videos and earn a decent amount of money if they meet their requirements. Thus, we’ve established that YouTube is a really great platform for both viewers and creators.

With its mobile apps and website, it has made everything convenient and easy to use. It has a really basic interface and works really well when paired with a good internet connection. But it was really annoying for users who used the YouTube TV app. If we compare it to the mobile version of it, it was really time consuming and difficult to use.

Google has been keeping a close eye on these problems and they’ve finally answered the prayers of people by introducing a new feature that would make it much easier to use the app and also save time which is a win-win for their users. The best part about the update is that you no longer have to sign in by using that built in keyboard in the TV app.

They’ve introduced a new feature where if your mobile device and your TV are connected on the same network, you can go ahead and sign in via the mobile app. They’ve also added this feature for iPhone and it has made the sign in process a lot faster. Previously they had this feature but we had to sign in via the web browser but now we can do it from our phones.

Another change that I found nice was that they’ve tweaked the video player quality and now it would automatically show us about the video quality. This would again save us some precious time as we won’t have to open up the option to check the video quality itself.

The captions menu also went under some changes, which Google is calling the “Best Experience” that they can provide. It now allows you to change the size of the captions and moreover, you can select the font of the captions from a range of options. You can do all these things without leaving the video or even stopping it.

Google has also patched in their update about the browser engine, which would enable background music playback and also improve your network loss recovery. These updates are already out and you can use all of these features. Just turn on your TV app and enjoy.

H/T: AP.
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