Apple to allow third party payment method in South Korea and may continue to take its cut

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world of technology. They have been creating life-saving products and are providing great services to their users. The best thing about their products is that they have the latest features and are deemed to be credible and authentic as compared to other technical companies.

Apple has been successful throughout the years, mostly because of their strategies and their ability to quickly adapt current trends. They have numerous employees and all of them are working together so that the company would produce the best of products which would put them on top of the world.

Last year, Apple came up with a solution to a few of its problems by introducing a policy where they reduced their own commission on apps from 30% to 15%. This was to be done if the companies would qualify and meet the requirements that were set by Apple. But still they kept their Devs in check where they did not allow them to accept 3rd party payment methods.

Apple and even Google is against the 3rd party payment methods as they both had a strict policy which their developers were obligated to follow. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in South Korea at the moment.

The Government of South Korea has passed a lawsuit in which they have demanded Apple and Google to allow their developers to use different modes of payment which brought the companies under pressure. Apple is already fighting their case against one with epic where the game developer went against the company policy and offered users to buy in-game currency at discounted prices right from his portal.

The law stated that they would be fined heavily if they forced the developers to only use their payment methods. After a while, Google submitted their appeal where they mentioned that they would reduce a 4% in commission whereas Apple is yet to make a decision.

A spokesperson at Apple released a statement stating that,” We have always had a great respect towards Korea’s laws and as we have got a strong connection with the country as we collaborate with their developers. We feel that we will be able to come up with a solution so that our users may benefit from it. Apple works in a way which tries to keep the app store in check and creates a safe place for its users where they can download and enjoy”.

While the company is under deep waters with a Russian lawsuit, the people at Apple are very confident that they will be able to find a solution that would benefit both the developer’s community in South Korea and the company itself.

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