Gmail Adds new widget that allows users to send and view latest messages

Gmail is one of the most frequently used platforms, its used for sending emails over the internet. Along with emails, it also provides users with the option of keeping their personal data or any kind of information in a safe place called “Google Drive”. You can save your photos, videos or even documents.

When the company started back in 2004, it was the era of Hotmail and Yahoo because most of the people were familiar with these two platforms and trusted them. It took Gmail a while to get started and get their market to grow as people did not know if the platform was to be trusted or not.

But it didn’t take them that long to crack the market because the services that they were providing were more than enough to catch the attention of potential customers and users. Because when Gmail started its operations, it gave people the option of storage space up to 1 Gigabytes which was a lot if you compare the space given by Hotmail and Yahoo.

Since then, they have been working tirelessly and now if you go on and create a new mail on Gmail, you will get a free space of 15 Gigabytes which is more than enough for a person if he or she only uses Gmail for social media and stuff. But even if you run out of storage, you can always buy more.

There have been multiple reports circulating around that Gmail has rolled out the much awaited widget that would allow the users to view up to 3 recent emails from their account and also provide an option where you can draft your emails. This is an addition to the update that Gmail released last year in November.

The update which was announced last year would allow the user to view the total amount of unread messages, they could search through the messages and it also had a compose button. With the current update, users will now be able to see the contents of their latest emails.

So how can we use this feature? It’s pretty simple. You just have to unlock your screen, then press and hold on anywhere on the screen. This would show you a few options, and in the top left corner you will see a plus option. Tap on it and then scroll down to find the latest Gmail Widget.

The company has also started to support Gmail’s Google Chat. You can now call and chat with your friends and family members who are added in their chat list.

Gmail has always been really thoughtful when it comes to its users. It has always tried to create an environment that is good for its users which shows that they care about them.


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