Here's how much Apple paid to App Store developers in 2021

Apple is one of the biggest contributors in technology. Since the company was founded, it has been producing quality products and is providing great services to its users which has made people trust it more and more. The company started small in 1976 and has come a really long way in terms of its net worth as it currently lies at $2.948 trillion.

One of the major reasons that Apple has stayed in the game when the market started to gain competition was the fact that they were able to keep up with the market trends and demands whereas other companies were not equipped well enough to handle that sort of challenge. Thus Apple was able to cement its place in the tech world as one of the biggest contributors in technology.

Being the biggest brand in the market means that they have to keep themselves and the company up to the par with all new technologies, latest equipment, and most importantly, a team of talented individuals who would streamlined with the company's vision. That’s how Apple is staying ahead in terms of its competitors as it has the best minds from around the world all stacked and working together.

Last year in 2021, it was reported by Apple that the amount paid by them to their app developers was around $60 billion which if you ask us is a really hefty amount. It is understandable because these Devs work day and night to make sure the users get the best possible experience when they use their products. Since the release of the App store, Apple has paid around $260 Billion to developers, adding 60 billion to the total of 200 Billion from 2020.
"The efforts, innovation, and creativity of the developers who leverage Apple technology to build these incredible experiences, coupled with the power of the App Store’s global platform to connect businesses of all sizes with over 600 million people each week across 175 countries.", boasted Apple company in a blog post.

Looking at how much the company was under hot water with the lawsuit and penalties put on by several governments around the world, the company still managed to come up with a policy that they would reduce their commission on the apps that would qualify and fulfill their requirements. The company announced that only a small share of 15% would be taken from the app if they earn up to $1 million per year.

For apps that were providing news to the company, Apple introduced a policy that if they would only provide news to them, then they would only take a 15% cut from their app instead of the conventional 30%. As of today, we don’t know how many apps have taken advantage of this policy but a few of them have done it.

Looking at the current situation of the app store, it seems that every year Apple goes on to pay more and more amount to their developers as compared to what they paid last year. In 2022, we think that they might break all previous records and might just go over that $60 million mark and bring the total amount spent on the app store to around $340 million.

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