Apple highlights the importance of an Apple Watch in a new video

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Almost all of us have heard this quote at least one time in our lives from our elders but here in this article, we are talking about another Apple. This is the giant tech company "Apple". They also care about your life safety and health.

Recently big tech launched their Apple watch series 7, in the last days of December 2021 and Apple, telecasted a Television Ad for it. Through that TV Ad, Apple boasted about their Apple watch series 7 and made the world understand its purpose and new features.

That video ad showed three people, Jim, Jason, and Amanda who encountered different situations in life and told how the watch helped them.

They all were in trouble, their Apple phone was not in working conditions so they used their apple watches to call the emergency services to rescue them and the great thing is all three people were rescued within minutes. How so? Well, the watch includes an automatically calling 911 feature when you are in a state of emergency. It is a great step from Apple towards people's safety. The company has always been conscious for the safety of its users and we are so glad it is taking some major steps.

Further, Apple released another ad on Twitter, the ad shows a person who fell and fainted. His Apple watch detected its heavy collapse and called the emergency service with his location by itself.

Both ads describe the importance of having an Apple watch, especially when you are in an emergency.

Additionally, The Apple Watch has an emergency SOS. By pressing the side button of the watch and dragging your finger on the emergency SOS slider that occurs on your Apple watch screen then you can easily get in touch with your emergency services.

But the thing to remember is if you don't have cellular connectivity on your Apple watch then you must require a nearby iPhone or your Apple watch must have a proper WiFi connection.

According to the Apple help page. In some regions of the world, you have to choose what kind of emergency service you want, like in China you have to choose from police, ambulance or fire service

For frequent travelers, you don't need to worry about what will happen if you are stuck in a bad situation far away from your homeland. Apple is here for you, you just need an Apple watch series 5 or later (GPS+Cellular) or Apple watches SE (GPS+Cellular) your watch will automatically call their local emergency service provider your Apple Watch sends them your current location. When you enter an emergency SOS mode, your watch will send your location change messages to your emergency contacts.

For the convenience of their user, Apple has set up a proper help page on their website.

We all expect that from the big giant that they will continue their hard work to for their loyal users.

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