Growing an Audience on TikTok: Should You Buy Followers?

TikTok is at its peak, and if you ask anyone to name influencers on this platform, they'll probably know of at least one. That's how powerful TikTok is currently, especially if you consider the statistics. With over a billion active users, it has now reached the level of Instagram and even Whatsapp.

With all the vanity displayed in social media, it's only fair to say that those with many followers are doing better than those that are just starting. For instance, you'll see accounts on your feed that have over a hundred thousand followers or perhaps even a million. Compared to you, who has only less than a thousand, you start to wonder how these people were able to pull off such big numbers.

Well, it's a combination of either luck or hard work. Some users on the platform went viral, and along with that comes an instant boost in popularity and followers. Specific influencers, however, are different, as they have built their fanbase from the ground up through sheer perseverance and consistency.

If you're not lucky enough or not into producing content regularly, chances are you have considered to buy TikTok followers. We're here to uncover everything about this practice and whether or not it's good for you and your account.

Is it Bad to Rely on Buying TikTok Followers?

Certainly, but it's not illegal.

There's currently no law that states that it is unlawful to buy TikTok followers; thus, we can't indicate whether it is a federal offense or not. What makes buying TikTok followers an unconventional move is how it can affect your account. You're only purchasing the numbers that are being displayed. You're not purchasing any engagement at all, which is the essential part of any social media network.

Having many followers means nothing if no one is there to watch your content. Sure, there might be some that would be converted into a fan of your work if you buy TikTok followers, but the percentage is meager and is not that worth it.

One more thing is that TikTok might implement some changes to their system to combat this specific practice. By the time they decide to do so, your follower count might change, or worse, your account might get banned. It's not worth risking everything, especially since it's worth a lot of money to buy TikTok followers.

TikTok Bot is the Answer

Instead of buying TikTok followers from some shady website, why not give engagement bots a try? They are built with organic reach in mind and are a lot more effective if you plan to pump content from your account regularly.

One of the best examples of a TikTok bot is FuelTok, a service designed to help your account get more organic likes, views, and following.

The process behind this is simple. FuelTok will temporarily gain access to your account, and they will run some operations to reach people indicated on your settings automatically. By liking and following other people's content, there's a very high chance that they will check your account and drop a follow back or even like some of your posted content.

Doing this method is a lot better since the engagement is a lot more natural, and the chances of obtaining long-time fans are also very high.

FuelTok is also surprisingly straightforward regarding their available tools for everyone who purchases their services. You may configure it to target a specific group of people, hashtags and even modify the desired location to gain more exciting and effective results.

FuelTok also powers its tool through automation. Say goodbye to those countless hours of interacting with people on your TikTok feed, as FuelTok's 24/7 bot will take good care of it for you.

Are TikTok Bots Safe to Use?

Aside from providing your login credentials, there's no threat when diving into these services. That can be easily solved by adding another layer of security on your account through TikTok's 2FA so that you will be quickly notified in case anyone opens your account without consent.

There's no reason to be scared about account bans since TikTok bots don't violate any of the platform's terms and conditions. The engagement that your account will receive is all-natural and can be easily compared to someone that manually manages their account. With TikTok bots, everything is happening a lot faster, and it functions 24/7, so there's no time being wasted.


If you want to buy TikTok followers, this article is the perfect sign that you must stop thinking about it immediately. Not only does it cost too much, but there's no benefit that you can gain from it, aside from just a useless display of a vast following.

TikTok bots managing your engagement through organic interactions is the best way to go, and while they also cost a lot of money, at least it is an investment that would greatly help your TikTok career for years to come.
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