Almost two thirds of the world thinks media is lying to them, according to a latest survey by Edelman

Media is the biggest provider of information throughout the world. We’ve seen the media industry revolutionizing the world with 24/7coverage, live reports and we’ve even seen them go through tough situations so that they can convey their message to their audience.

As far as technology is concerned, the world is moving forward. Media outlets are being equipped with the best of tools and gadgets so that they are able to perform better and produce quality content so that they can continue to spread information all around the world. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Media hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations of its audience. For the past few years, we’ve seen a huge number of people complaining or raising their voices against the media. They claim that their media isn’t showing them how things are or they feel that their media is lying to them.

According to an Edelman survey, the number of people who trust the media and journalists is only one third out of the world’s population. This means that out of every 10, 7 people feel that the media isn’t exactly telling them the truth. This has raised many concerns for the media industry because people are having a hard time trusting them.

The report also says that fake news has been the number one influencer which has created this trust gap between the media and its audience. It was seen that people’s trust in the media has fallen over around 15 countries including the U.S which has seen a big drop in its trust factor. Only 39% of people in the country feel that their media is telling them the truth, which is 6% less than what it was last year.

Concerns over fake news were found to be the most disturbing one, with 84% of people in Spain to 63% of people in the Netherlands, saying fake news is destroying people’s faith in the media industry.

Even social media was facing the heat, with only 37% of people saying that they trust social media and that it is playing a really important role in society.

With media standing in front of the barrel, the only sources of media that were being trusted by most of the people were business and NGOs, according to Edelman. The report said that people had lesser faith in their governments and their media. This number started to rise up in U.S during the tenure of ex-president Donald Trump.

With the world having trust issues with conventional media, it is time that the industry would realize that people are evolving. They won’t just believe anything that is presented to them. So it would be better if they would try and improve their content and quality or else there won’t be any audience left or new forms of communication and mediums will emerge.
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