A considerable increase recorded in the usage of Windows 11 this month, as the OS version crosses 16 percent shares

To run the operating systems of personal computers, Microsoft started to introduce a system as the name of Windows from 1985 to till and this time the version which comes it made a great success and in just 2 to 3 months the ratio increases from 8.6% to more than 16%. Through this, it contributes a lot to maintain the worth of Windows.

In the early days of Windows OS, it came up with an interface in which many features are included like scroll bars, drop-down menus, etc. Almost 36 years ago, it moved its head office to Washington, which made a 61 million dollar business because its per-share price in public went to 21 dollars. After that remarkable success, Microsoft introduced its latest version, 11, in the last quarter of 2021. This time, it made revenue almost double that of last November. The newest increase looks pretty encouraging that grabs the attention of other investors towards Microsoft Company.

But a question arises: how does the company make a lot in no time? So, since the last few months, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into promoting it through its different marketing and business strategies, and some new features such as Artificial intelligence customizable feed which shows the info like a piece of news and the widgets program quite similar to 10 versions of it. These are some of the reasons which justify its worth of hype and share boost.
According to a latest report from AdDuplex, the Windows 10 M21U (21H1) and Windows 10 O20U (20H2) versions are still on the top, and both of these market share prices lie 28.6 percent and 26.3. Also, the Windows 10 N21U (21H2) is sitting at 12.1 percent. Which shows Windows 10 is still running on a large majority of PC devices, probably because users are waiting for a more stable and bugs free Windows 11 version before they jump on it.

The point of worry for the company is that the Windows 11 is not suitable for the old PCs as it doesn’t offers upgrades for all devices because the requirements of Windows 11 are far more than their capacities, which creates a pretty negative impact on consumers, otherwise the shares usage would have increased with a larger margin, but Microsoft will definitely do something for this significant issue in the coming days.

Windows 10, 11 OS Worldwide (PCs)

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