This infographic shows the top twenty giants that ruled the internet from 1998 till 2022

In the late '60s the internet was just a thing for researchers. After the nuclear attack, an advanced research agency project network commonly known as (ARPANET) came into existence that became the base of the internet. The internet grew after 1996 when Google and many other tech giants came on the game. And an infographic from VC is highlighting all the big web players from the ’90s to till date.

From the last 25 years, a huge change happened in the growth of population. Today’s youngsters may not be able to experience how much time it takes to just load a tiny picture. Like the websites in the era of ‘90s are simple to understand related to news mostly. Yahoo and AOL were at the top in 1998. The American-based web portals provide the path for millions of users to access WWW (World Wide Web) and earned billions of dollars through it at the end of the ‘90s. The websites now are complicated in structure and complex to understand.

In the early ‘90s, when people didn’t know much about the internet and had something to explore, they approached Google. Many websites answering people’s queries came into the competition with Google, like However, they can’t stand up, and still, there is no other search engine like this. Google is upgrading itself by providing different translators, maps, voice facilities, and many other features.

Web hosting services such as Geocities handle millions of websites and provide the platform for content that shows its exemplary contribution to the history of the internet. It almost closed in 2009, but it luckily did not, through the record of their web pages. Otherwise, Yahoo did its best to shutter down the door of Geocities. When AOL merged with Yahoo, Verizon acquired them both and provided another platform, “Oath,” for the users of Meta/Facebook and Google, but unfortunately, it can’t happen as per the plan and had been sold last year.

The legendary “Amazon” affects the internet excessively and makes online sales and purchases easy. By the time it expands and invites different businesses to come over on the platform. During last year it generated almost 400 billion dollars.

Some more content-related web giants such as Meredith, the most significant publishing brand of famous magazines, are in the top 20 list, although people don’t know much about it. Many top-rated companies are involved in various services such as posting ads of brands and managing other content like songs, videos, written articles, blog posts, etc. Some tech giants are still in the same place on the list because they made their value, and they have the power to stay in the long run. Take a look at the infographic below for more insights on tech companies that rule the web.

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web (1998-Today)

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