Meta Has Invited Some Of The Top Ad Agencies In The World To A Virtual Conference Regarding The Metaverse

Meta has recently invited a number of top advertising agencies and their executives to a virtual table conference, hoping to launch a discussion regarding the Metaverse and its promotion.

The conference is scheduled to be on the 17th of February, and involves a small group of invitees. Maybe the company formerly known as Facebook’s keen on keeping the attention of a shorter audience, and selling them on the idea first before moving on to larger swaths of advertisers. At any rate, advertising executives will probably run any ad campaign they’d like: this meeting was more likely than not just set up to familiarize the top dogs with what the Metaverse is and what it aims to accomplish. While not all attendees to the meeting are currently known, since invites were sent only to the relevant individuals, some of the guests have spoken to the public about their thoughts about the Metaverse and what potential it holds. It’ll be interesting to see how opinions evolve and change after the meeting and across 2022 as a whole, but as of yet it’s a mixed bag of expectation in some cases and tepid caution in others.

The invite hasn’t been particularly elaborate regarding details either, and just words the conference as being a conversation about the Metaverse. That doesn’t really give these executives much to go off of, but maybe the Metaverse is like the Matrix: you have to see it to believe it? I jest, of course, since Meta’s very much still developing its AR/VR based social media experience as is probably nowhere near demonstrating the technology for anyone, higher-up or otherwise. The Metaverse itself is probably one of the most ambitious projects the social media conglomerate has ever taken up as it is.

Advertising agencies invited to the discussion include WPP’s Group M and IPG Mediabrands. These names, while perhaps unfamiliar to the average individual (I sure as all heck had never heard of them prior to writing this article), handle billions of dollars’ worth of ad spend for massive companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Unilever. Thing is, with these companies handling such massive amounts of money on behalf of expectant clients, a certain amount of risk assessment needs to be contemplated.

Social media has never been a safe game to invest in, and the Metaverse is no different. I expect the idea to be a success, sure, but that success will require funds, advertising, and a clear-headed direction for the project as a whole.

H/T: Insider.

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