WhatsApp test shows what its community feature will do, and needless to say it looks very promising

WhatsApp parent company Meta has always shown interest to come with new and interesting updates through their apps. Whatever it is Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp they always show creativity in their apps and bring features and tools which the users will love.

As it is the month of celebration, WhatsApp has come up with handy update for its users., with a new feature called "community".

In this article, we will give you a glimpse of this upcoming feature, although the release date of this feature has not been announced by the platform yet.

Community is a specific place where a group's admin has more control over some groups and can bundle up their groups into one place. One user or one group admin can link up to ten groups in this community feature. Just like a common group of WhatsApp a community has a specific name and a description too, as reported by WABI.

We will see an "Announcement" group type, in the community, which is an automatically created group by WhatsApp where the user will message anything and it will be automatically forwarded to other linked groups when a user leaves the community, they won't be available to sight the associated group through the community. Moreover, when a user joins the community they won't be able to look into those group chats that have been unlinked from the group admin.

We have no information on when the company will launch it and when it will make its way globally to all WhatsApp users. However, what we do know is that WhatsApp will not disappoint us.

Over the years since its launch, WhatsApp has brought about many features most of which have been loved by its users. We are sure this new feature will fall in the same category. Moreover, we are sure that the tech firm has a bag full of surprises in respect to its features and we will be seeing some newer and greater updates very soon.

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