WhatsApp Spotted Testing New Upload Media as Status Update Feature

WhatsApp has been around the App market for over a decade now, with 13 years to be completed next year in February. Some might say that it is an App that helped them communicate with their loved ones, with their friends and family but that’s it.

WhatsApp was never seen as that “Cool App” like Instagram or Snapchat because it lacked all the features that would make it look cool. It’s sort of an App whose sole purpose was to connect people via chats, audio or video calls.

But over the years we’ve seen WhatsApp trying to make changes to itself and is constantly trying to come up with some new features that would somehow bring that ‘wow factor’ to it. It started with the update for iPhone users back in 2009 when it was launched and until now we’ve experienced many of their updates through which they keep on trying to attract its audience.

It was seen that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow the user to send media as status update. This means that while you’re sharing your pictures or videos with someone, you will now have an option where you can set it as your status and you can even select the recipients as who can receive that picture, just like how it’s done on Instagram.

As reported by WABetainfo, WhatsApp will offer an option which will allow users to have different recipients, or if they want to update a status when they are sending a photo or a video in a chat. This feature would enable users to update their status pretty easily while sharing any media that they want to send to their friends individually.

This month, WhatsApp made a beta version for its Android app available for its users which would allow them to choose the recipients of a status update before they upload any form of media. This option would allow them to limit who can see their status and who cannot.

They were also seen working with another edit recipient functionality, which would enable the user to select or remove people from their contact list that will receive certain photos or videos. Although this was supposed to come out in the recent Android beta update, the update never made its way to the testing stage.

Along with this update, WhatsApp was working on a “New Camera” feature in which the flash option on the camera was relocated from the bottom to the top right corner. Moreover, this change would give the users access to recent photos in place of the flash option.

This edit recipient update would be made for both iOS and Android, but as of today there is no certain timeline as to when this feature will be made available to their users.

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