Rumors Claim That Apple Will Be Removing SIM Trays From iPhones In Favor Of e-SIMs Taking Over

Rumors are flying around, stating that Apple is planning on removing the SIM card tray from iPhones entirely, looking to move users onto e-SIMs.

In typical action, our favorite company named after a fruit (which, to be fair, isn’t a particularly competitive category since Blackberry bowed out) has removed yet another component from the iPhone. However, unlike the lack of a separate headphone jack, which I’m still mildly annoyed by, this new removal isn’t bound to cause too much ire. Apple may be removing physical SIM cards entirely from their beloved products, but with all hardware removal comes a virtual software accompaniment. Thus enters the e-SIM, which funnily enough stand for embedded SIMs, as opposed to electronic SIMs.

The purpose of an embedded SIM is a multifaceted one – there’s less of a hassle surrounding buying SIM cards and inserting them into increasingly inaccessible trays; there’s the complete removal of SIM cards getting damaged by any external forces; and finally there’s also an added sense of security since no one can really rob a virtual SIM. People can, however, still rob your phone so best of luck on that end, we’re talking about iPhones as it is. Jokes aside, e-SIMs seem to be yet another major step forward into the future, as we move further and further away from the confinements of physical devices.

While there’s always the issue of accessibility to be considered with any new technological addition, there’s no need to worry: e-SIMs are available at almost every major telecommunications company outlet. The technology may not be widespread, but it certainly is accessible and available for users to get at. The other issue that e-SIMs pose is that they’re not as easily transferrable between devices, but they can still be removed from a previous device and transferred onto the current one. There’s no worries on that end, everyone’s thought it through – an e-SIM can’t provide any harm or detriment in functionality.

SIM trays aren’t reportedly the only thing that Apple is looking to remove: the company’s really going all-in on making iPhones bricks with screens since it plans on removing any and all accessible outlets on devices. That means we just may see charger cables being run out of style, and being replaced by those circular docks that charge devices placed upon them. Then again, those docks do look very futuristic and sleek.

SIM trays aren’t being removed ASAP; in fact, the process might even take a few years. There’s yet to be any official statement from Apple regarding the matter as it is.

H/T: Blogdoiphone.

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