New Report Highlights UX, Design And Marketing Trends To Keep Note Of In 2022

With 2021 almost done with, employers and employees alike are looking towards what 2022 will bring. Udemy for Business has done their homework, publishing a report on the top trends we can expect in terms of UX, design, and marketing.

Udemy for Business conducts workshops and lessons for employers and employees alike on matters of managing and maintaining an effective work environment. Their experience over the years has coalesced into this report, published as the new year draws near, and aimed towards explaining what trends businesses can expect to see in the near future. Naturally, interactions with clients and a business’s marketing strategies are an integral part of conducting affairs both online and offline. Design sensibilities are no longer an added bonus point; in a marketplace saturated with alternatives that client and users can jump on to, one’s user experience (UX) needs to be nothing short of optimal and accessible.

Design and UX is a category that more specifically applies to businesses with app outlets or websites, but as technology becomes more and more accessible, many businesses are opting to develop some sort of online or offline hub via which users can contact both them and their services. Of course, when working on such an outlet, its design and user interface are some of the most important factors to keep in mind. Some design skills that are paramount to have a grasp over when developing outlets are a command over graphic designing, product designing, Adobe Premiere, web designing, and app designing. Of these, having a sense of graphic design is perhaps the most important and pertinent, since not everyone can be expected to harness all of these relevant skills. An app’s UX can always be made all the better by having a clear-cut, elegant design that maintains an air of delicate simplicity, therefore being accessible to users across the board.

Marketing is an ever-evolving form of managing one’s online business, and it’s a sensibility that needs to be very carefully handled nowadays. With users having greater control over how they encounter advertisements, which is a good thing overall even if it’s bad for business, they’re choosing more and more to forego unnecessary advertisements. There’s also been a general backlash to brands across the likes of Twitter and Instagram attempting to use current lingo in order to “connect with the kids”. Brands need to start utilizing their social media presence more effectively, with attempts at posting or generating content having to come from a place of relatively greater sincerity. Marketing analytics are incredibly important, since they’re all a business has in order to effectively gauge how their brand’s doing online.

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