WhatsApp announced new updates for its auto disappearing messages

At the end of 2021 WhatsApp extended its auto-disappearing messaging features from 7 days to up to 90 days. In days of November 2020, WhatsApp introduced a fleeting messaging service to its worldwide user but previously it had to be done manually by tapping only one-person name individually and turning on the message timer. Now with the feature released after a year the company is broadening its characteristics. WhatsApp is enabling this feature to be turned on for all contacts simultaneously.

When you enable this option on your Android or iOS WhatsApp. All your new chats will be set to disappear on your chosen time duration, which is from one day or 90 days. According to WhatsApp officials, this feature can be enabled for groups as well.

Once this feature is activated, WhatsApp will let your contacts know about the change in settings. While WhatsApp is right on their own terms of letting others know about your enabling of disappearing messages, the notification might not sit well with some people.

WhatsApp users do not make a difference what they are using WhatsApp on Android or iOS. They can turn on this feature by going to WhatsApp settings then accounts then privacy in the default message time.

WhatsApp has always been cautious of the privacy of its users and hence with this release, there are characteristics which give users a full control over their online messaging app. Users will get to choose the duration that they want the messages to disappear on and with which contacts should they disappear. However, according to WhatsApp it still has a copy of the data.

One thing which should be remembered is that the feature once enabled will only delete messages which are sent or received after the enabling of the feature. Messages prior to its instillation will not be deleted through this feature.

When we come to the topic of forwarded messages. Forwarded messages will only be deleted based on this feature if the person who has received the forwarded message has the feature enabled. If that is not the case, the forwarded messages will remain the same.

The disappearing feature will also allow users to send photos and videos which can be viewed only once. However, if the reliever takes a screenshot of that particular image, the sender will not be notified.

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