WhatsApp Is Adding Reaction Notifications To Its Web Interface, And Bringing Waveforms To Voice Messages

WhatsApp is bringing reaction notifications to its Web interface, and is also considering adding waveforms to voice notes on the mobile app.

At least three of WhatsApp’s previous beta releases have been dedicated to the Reaction notifications feature. With message reactions being slowly rolled across regions for the community, WhatsApp also decided to introduce notifications to the mix. Much like when someone reacts to an Instagram DM or a Facebook message, reaction notifications will tell an individual which user reacted to their message. Another similarity to Facebook and Instagram’s notifications is that WhatsApp’s notifications do not feature the exact reaction being used, instead opting to just inform users. It should be noted, however, that Facebook’s like notifications are considered distinct from the platform’s reaction notifications. Overall, there really isn’t much more substance to both the feature itself and its implications on WhatsApp.

The only reason it’s showed up this many times is because the feature was accidentally released ahead of time in a separate beta. After that, a proper beta release dedicated to notifications was added, and now we’re expanding outwards. WhatsApp Web is a platform that’s getting a lot of recent attention from the original developers. It’s also a platform that’s been seeing quite the success within the messaging social media site. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before message reactions, and accordingly reaction notifications, would start accompanying the desktop platform, which was also confirmed by WABI. Reactions also hold a lot of online importance, considering that users on desktops typically have WhatsApp Web set in the background of their actual work. Notifications can alert such individuals to whatever is happening behind them in the platform.

The other feature we’re here to discuss pertains to voice messages. Typically, voice messages in WhatsApp have a very barebones interface, with a single line denoting their timeline. With this new feature, while nothing revolutionary has happened, WhatsApp has introduced waveforms to the platform. Waveforms are the sort of voice message visualizers that help denote whether or not the audio they’re perceiving is loud or soft. Waveforms also change with the timeline, denoting the changes in volume over the message’s entire length. Not a feature that requires much in-depth discussion, but looking at a waveform can help provide context to a message before its answered.

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