Facebook Messenger to release three new features on its Kids version including voice effects, dark mode and in chat games

Messenger one of the leading online conversation application is bringing some new features on its Messenger Kids version this holiday season. The new features will include some fine new advances like the Dark mode, new voice effects and an easier way to play collaborative games with friends within the chat.

To start off with Dark Mode which comes as the highlight among the new features. The blue light that mobile applications release is known to put a strain on the eyes of people and has also been proven to reduce the production of melatonin in humans ultimately disrupting the normal sleep cycle. This can be very dangerous in both adults and especially kids; hence it is great that the tech firm Meta is taking some great measures to ensure the safety of the young minds.

While Meta was criticized for bringing out kid’s versions on a lot of its app because exposing the young mind to social media was considered bad, it’s good to see the tech giant taking drastic measures to ensure their safety online.

The next feature which definitely is going to be a hit among the kids is the newly introduced voice effects. There is nothing children love more than having fun and messing around with friends and this feature gives you just that. Kids on the app will be able to record voice messages and change the sound of their voice by selecting five of the given voice effects options which include robot, ghost, gorilla, mouse and even a sea shell! How cool.

The kids will definitely be having some great fun and he use of voice notes on messenger kids is expected to increase drastically once this feature is launched.
Lastly, the one on one games within the chat are becoming easier. Previously if any kid wanted to play a game on messenger with their friends, they had to leave to the chat and go to the explore to select the game. However, with the new feature, the kids will be able to challenge their friends on a one on one game within the chat thread.

While many people were concerned about Facebook releasing a Kids version for Messenger, it is great to see that the tech firm is taking some big measures to ensure that not only the privacy of the kids is maintained on the platform but they also receive some features, which gives them a relatively great experience while online.

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