YouTube releases its copyright transparency report this month and promises to release it every six months from now on

YouTube, one of the greatest video sharing hub and a platform full of opportunities for online content creators. Launched in 2005, the app quickly made its way into the hearts of people gaining millions of downloads.

YouTube which is used to upload more than 500 hours of videos per minute; has now released a “Copyright Transparency report” that offers an insight into the workings that take place in order to protect and balance the needs and rights of the video creators.

The first report (that can be downloaded from Google's Transparency Center Page) is a compilation of the data that was collected in the first six months of the year 2021. YouTube has revealed that it has plans to publish the report every six months moving onward, but it is said that the report should make it easier to keep track of how well the multimillion-dollar company manages its copyright violations as it grows.

There are three ways that YouTube offers to someone to handle copyright transgression: A public Webform that is open to anyone and everyone, a copyright match tool that is mainly used by the affiliates of the YouTube Partner program and a content ID system that automatically identifies any sort of violation of its copyright policies regarding the content that is owned by roughly 9000 companies

For the first half of 2021 YouTube has stated that the Webform was majorly used for the copyright related claims of about 70%. But an overwhelming 99% of copyright actions that ranged from demonetization of the video to having it removed from the platform completely were the results of the automated Content ID system.

Even though content ID partners are the smallest representative that use any of their tools that are responsible for over 99% of all copyright actions on YouTube. The reason for this is that their content which includes movie scenes and the latest stuff is the most important part of creative reuse and is most likely to be re-uploaded upon the platform.

The report also stated the numbers for undisputed copyright claims were 718,951,550 that were filed with Content ID while the other 3,698,019 were disputed claims.

Regardless of this imbalance YouTube’s highest abused copyright tool is the Webform. But it is worth mentioning that the report only shows stats from the public Webform, the enterprise version and the copyright match tool while the content ID is not included.

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