Twitter launches an automated caption feature on all its working OS and web, for newly uploaded content only

Twitter, one of the most used applications where people come and rant and post random stuff without the fear of being judge, is bringing out some great updates recently. The company has always been a user favorite because of its ability to be a place where people can post anything without any fear of what others will think.

The tech firm is taking some massive steps to the future and has now announced the launch of its automated caption feature. While may apps like TikTok and several others had rolled out this feature, Twitter was yet to hop on the bandwagon. However, it is great to see that the tech giant realized the importance it holds in a user’s life and brought about the necessary changes.

The new automated generated captions will play on a video and users can benefit off it while the video is mute. It can come in handy when your surroundings do not allow you to play something on full volume, but you come across an intriguing video that you definitely want to watch. However, it is not only limited to muted volume and users can access it with the volume videos as well.

However, what needs to be made sure is that the company will only allow this feature on those videos which have been uploaded today and after. Videos uploaded any time before today will not have the accessibility to this feature.

The feature will launch on all working devices, whether Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android or the web version. Twitter has come a long way since the time it was launched. Twitter also confirmed that soon they will be rolling out an option to disable the auto caption features as some videos already add text overlays from their end.

However, while it is a user favorite we cannot deny the fact that there are some aspects of social media which are harmful and Twitter holds some similar traits as well.

Therefore, it is important that while the company is taking such big steps towards its features, it introduces some updates for user safety as well.

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