Twitter’s New Tweet Collaborations Feature Allows Multiple Users To Tweet The Same Post Under Their Respective Names

Twitter is apparently working on a new feature called Tweet Collaborations, allowing multiple users to share the same tweet, reports Alessandro Paluzzi.

I’m honestly surprised that such a feature took so long to come around. Twitter’s become ground zero for literally all sorts of online discourse (after we discount Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, but let ‘em have this). The microblogging platform lends itself to both argumentative as well as collaborative discussions and content. People often share similar ideas, band together over stances, and in general form communities around such overlaps in ideology and thought processes. That, and the fact that Twitter users like posting literally whatever thought crosses their mind as if it’s comparable to raising a coherent argument, makes this new Collaborations feature sort of a no-brainer. Then again, it’s not like Twitter hasn’t been working on other community-based projects as well.

The platform introduced Communities back in 2021 as a way of letting Twitter users band over similar interests and opinions, much like I mentioned above. This new addition essentially acted as an alternate version of Facebook’s Groups, privacy features, moderators, and the like all included. Users can tweet within the group, with only fellow members having the ability to see and respond to said posts. Users can also utilize Communities as a method of branching out and discovering new individuals online. It’s essentially an easier version of finding a pen pal, if people even have those in 2021. Since then, Twitter’s been busy at work adding more and more features to Communities, in the interest of making it a better interface for users to engage with.

In light of this revelation, it does seem like Twitter’s growing to recognize that community-based banding is a big part of the platform’s experience now. Even if devs took this long to realize it, Twitter’s no longer just a micro-blogging site that can be used to express and debate one’s opinions and thoughts. It’s now a fully-fledged social media platform, and the social part of that entire experience is not one that can be denied to users anymore.

When a user tweets under a collaboration, the tweet features both users’ and their respective names at the top. The tweet will show up on each individual’s personal wall, so as to credit them both for the post. Since the feature is currently under A/B testing, there isn’t much more information to be gleaned. However, we can expect more news soon enough as Collaborations roll out to more and more regions.

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