Pinterest Is Adding In A New Visual Method Of Replying To Comments On The Platform

Pinterest has added a new option that allows individuals to more comprehensively reply to comments on the platforms via dropping in Idea Pins.

I know that calling any social media platform out there in the world unproblematic is a guaranteed method of setting oneself up for failure. However, as things stand, Pinterest really feels like a very unproblematic platform. It’s a rather fun, light and breezy site, entirely devoted to individuals discovering and developing hobbies and tasks. Such a niche to occupy might seem like a bad business move on Pinterest’s part. Every other company out there in the world actively attempts to further broaden its horizons and add more and more to its repertoire of divisions and departments. However, Pinterest is still doing swimmingly well, with monthly active users in the hundreds of millions even as early back as a few months ago. While one could argue that hobbies and the like are best entertained by platforms such as Reddit, which are entirely dedicated to sub-platforms for all sorts of specific topics, Pinterest adds an aesthetic kick to its interface. Aesthetic makes or breaks anything, and it’s a concept that so many of today’s youth are obsessed with (which is a fair obsession to have, by the way).

Pinterest is a fun platform, sure, but as a social media site it’s never really been the most active or innovative. People post new pins and threads, allowing others to explore more and more different things to try out. However, even with people being able to comment on these posts, Pinterest has never really felt like a particularly social app and/or site. People just build their own boards, sometimes comment on those made by others, and have a good time of it. Nothing too complicated. However, this new feature will add an entire new dimension of conversing on the platform.

Pinterest is allowing users to reply to comments in the form of an Idea Pin. Comments and replies are great, but sometimes they just aren’t enough for a user to really convey their sentiments. Since so much of Pinterest is just users looking to develop themselves and their hobbies, help and suggestions are always needed. Therefore, the Idea Pin. The concept is simple: when replying to a comment, click on the three consecutive dots next to it. From there, either upload previous media or record an entirely new video, all in the interest of providing users with a visual aid instead of just a comment.

With Pinterest being such a visual-based platform, relying almost entirely on content shadowing the themes of DIY projects and aesthetic blends, Pins are a great addition that really fit in with everything else.

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