Google is working on a new Operating System for its upcoming AR device

Google introduced its Google Glass back in 2013 which became publicly available by 2014. But now these glasses are only available at enterprise level instead of selling them to an everyday user. These glasses could be considered as the 1st intro to mixed reality. After keeping its calm over augmented reality and virtual reality for a long time, tech giant Google is once again planning to get back on the field.

Google is reportedly working on two projects, the firstly project is the development of a new OS that can run AR. While, the other project is the production of a device on which this Augmented Reality OS could run. The former General Manager at Oculus for OS, Mark Lucovsky, recently updated his LinkedIn profile where he added about starting his job as the lead for the Augmented Reality operating system at Google.

On his profile, Mark also shared a link for an open position as Senior Software Engineer at Google. The person suitable for the job would be required to design programs for next level products while solving problems to ensure that users gets a convincing Augmented Reality experience.

This could mean that Google is not just working on an OS but a hardware device as well for the product. The other available positions would be for those who could program software for devices such as a camera and other linked devices.

Though its seems to be an interesting approach coming from Google after a long time, but the company has been famous for leaving projects halfway after being unable to get the desired response. This is why Google has dedicated a website solemnly for the projects that were stopped halfway or in a short period of time.

Augmented Reality started to trend again after the recent announcement of Meta where things will be shifted to VR. Apple also came under discussion for the rumors linked with Augmented Reality head device.

However, it can be expected that Google will also work to overcome the issues faced by the users with It’s Glass. Technology has changed a lot since Google Glass came out, and with Google now working to build an entirely new OS for its device, it could mean that now something new is on the plate which can compete with the already available Spectacles.

Google is not aiming to cash its new project instead the company is working to give a great Augmented Reality experience to it’s users. Currently there is not much information available however, by 2022 it can be expected that Google might share its plan with their audience.

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