Report sheds light on how Apple's privacy updates changing the way digital marketers advertise

  • Just 6.2% of business owners and marketers hadn't pivoted their business in response to recent iOS updates.
  • 92.4% of business owners and marketers will continue to run their ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 7 out of 10 business owners and marketers felt that data privacy updates will have a positive impact on small businesses in the long term.
Since the release of iPhone 13, Apple had released its latest operating system version that is iOS 15 which just like every other Apple update came with better security fixes. But this time what the advertising world wasn’t ready for were the privacy changes that Apple introduced in the iOS 14 update and furthermore strengthened in the latest update.

What was new in the iOS 14 update was the app tracking controls that the apps previously had in the previous version. This update stopped the apps to track you through your phones which gave some huge setbacks to a lot of marketing companies. This update was supposed to come out at the start of 2021 but was delayed because of Facebook and some known companies who complained about the new policy.

The privacy settings have also enabled the user to check the usage of their privacy by any individual app. They can simply open their privacy and choose the App privacy report option to check out which app had accessed their camera and photos in the last 7 days, which in my opinion is really cool because now you can turn off the permissions that you haven’t really granted to them which they were using.

Because of this new policy adopted by Apple about creating a safer environment for their users, there are a few marketers that are creating a riot over the internet because now they are facing problems with keeping up with their users and their information which according to them might lead to huge losses.

To get a better idea about how these firms really feel about this latest iOS update, a survey was conducted by the team of BestSEOCompanies, and according to that we’ve established a few things that are stated below.

The first part of the survey was based on which iOS versions marketers and business owners are using at the moment. Data shows that around 10% of the marketers were using iOS 13 or earlier while business owners were the same version with a percentage of 18.6%. iOS 14 was used 38% by marketers whereas 29.5% by businessmen. What surprised me the most is that many marketers were using iOS 15 which had the most number of users.

The second part of the survey noted the impact of these privacy changes as if they were positive, negative or did not affect their marketing strategies. The overall impact was positive as most of the respondents voted for it which was 68.7%, whereas 19.2% respondents thought that these changes had a negative impact on their marketing plans and 12.1% marketers and entrepreneurs said they faced no impacts.

The reason that these 19.2% people faced a negative impact on their marketing, is because they might’ve been relying a lot on their previous strategy of having that extra information to themselves.

These changes impacted Facebook and Instagram the most because more than half of the marketers said that their strategies for advertisement on both of these platforms had been affected. That is because Facebook relies on the demographic data to place ads and target customers according to them.

There are many business owners and marketers that feel really good about Apple’s new privacy updates and how their future might shape up because of these improvements.

In fact we were surprised when most of these respondents rated iOS 15 with 4.4 while iOS 14 was rated at 4.1 (5 being the best), which shows that these updates did have a downfall but it didn’t concern them. They are optimistic, and have said that they won’t stop using Facebook and Instagram ads to advertise their products because they feel that these are the best available options they’ve got. Take a look at below charts for more insights on how marketers and entrepreneurs are navigating iOS privacy updates.
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