Annual “Pinterest predicts” is here with more exciting predictions and ideas for 2022

The 2022's annual "Pinterest Predicts" is here, and it's looking into its crystal ball to anticipate 175+ significant trends for the upcoming year. Pinterest's 2022 forecast includes more trends, local spotlights, new demographic data, and a slew of new opportunities for advertisers, creators, and consumers, according to the company. The insights look ahead to what will be trending in 2022 across home, beauty, fashion, food, wellbeing, parenting, travel, design, and more, according to Pinterest.

To forecast the trends, they looked at what their 400 million+ monthly visitors across the world were looking for (with an average accuracy of 80%) and then highlighted the most intriguing ideas based on those searches.

What will be the most popular in 2022? According to Pinterest, the year 2022 will be all about feeling your emotions in places designed specifically for that purpose: "emotional escape rooms" are becoming increasingly popular. It's also the year when people will get interested in "Mindful menstruation" and "Relationship-tips."

People will make a nocturnal getaway after-hours with "Night movements" in 2022, and the most memorable excursions will come after sundown. People will switch their beach vacations for an interior swim as our "Lake it 'til you make it" craze takes hold.

Furthermore, in 2022, trends such as "Puff love," "Nails capes," and "Rebel cuts" will shake up people's beauty looks. "Pearl core," "Dopamine dressing," or "Oh my Goth" will be tried out by people who want to shake things up with their apparel instead. With our "Altbashes" trend, individuals will find any excuse to rejoice in 2022, from adoption parties to breakup cakes. People will return to the basics with "Ancestral eats" from all around the world when it comes to gastronomy.

Personal use insights, as well as major trends from the larger report that fit with your interests, will be provided through the new Trends experience. There's some intriguing data, and if you're marketing on Pinterest or considering it as part of your 2022 strategy, the search trend notes and statistics could be useful. Pinterest's track record is good, with an 80 percent predictive value in terms of predicting what's coming next. Perhaps there's a way to tailor your promotions to coincide with these upcoming adjustments.
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