TikTok is expected to cross 1.5 billion users next year and is the best place for brand marketing now

TikTok is rose to fame pretty fast and since then has only climbed the ladder of success without looking down. After finishing a successful year of trends and challenges the tech giant has issued a report which highlights the key brand lead trends of this going year.

The application is expected to cross 1.5 billion users next year and that too without being available in India. The country considering its population used to be the biggest hub for TikTok, however, due to some issued the app was discontinued within the region. Despite this TikTok has rose to massive fame.

While previously the applications weren’t the first pick when it came to brand marketing, the times have changed. TikTok with its immense growth has not only acquired users but also managed to pull companies and brands towards it who encourage creators on the app to market their product. Moreover, other tactics of marketing on the app is also used.

TikTok also saw a massive increase in marketing, when the hashtag #TikTokmademebuyit, circulated the web. Users will put up videos of stuff which were recommended to them though TikTok. Soon all kinds of products from the market which were documented on the app started to sell quickly and its hype grew more.

While a lot of products saw massive sales, the little green machine which is a carpet cleaning device and helps to clean your car seats too, became a hot product. Not only its video crossed more than 69 million views, but its sale doubled over within months. This shows that while TikTok started off as a fun application for dance and music, it has long grown since then.

Smaller brands are also hopping on the TikTok trend and trying to make sure they are aligned with the ongoing trends and methods of success on TikTok. TikTok is expected to reach 1.5 billion users next year and if brand do their market on this particular platform properly they are expected to be soaring in sales in no time.

The brands are marketing and collaborating in some fun ways too. Not long ago, videos of the #Jifchallenge circulated the platform which was initiated by Jif messages in collaboration with Ludacris

Which challenged users to rap a song with a spoonful of peanut butter in their mouth. Safe to say there were definitely some fun videos to watch.

The TikTok app has grown and has come a long way, it no longer is limited to only being a fun happy dancing app, its purpose has expanded and we are genuinely proud. The app has still a long way to go and more success to acquire.

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