Meta's Augmented Reality PR lead has reportedly been hired by Apple

Tech giant Apple has been facing rumors recently about working on a new headset based on Augmented Reality. Now it has been revealed that the company has appointed Andrea Schubert, the leader of PR and Public communication for Meta, to work on Apple’s wearable head device.

According to Mark Gurman, the man behind this report, Meta's work with Oculus has been ruling this field for quite a long time, and the rumors of an Apple Headset and the appointment of Andrea by the company could mean something.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Andrea, she’s been working with Meta for the last 6 years. From being the director of a public relations agency that had Facebook as well as Oculus as their customers, to being the director of communication with the reality laboratory of Meta.

The Headset by Apple is yet to be confirmed by the company, but still, there are various rumors according to which the AR Headset will be linked to an iOS or MacOS device, while another rumor says that the headset will be independent, featuring an 8K display in both glasses and could be worth up to three thousand dollars. Mark Gurman also gave a rumor. According to him, the headset would be used for VR games and the project might be followed by an AR-only device as well.

Even if the Silicon Valley giant confirms the head device, the upcoming device is going to face tough competition from Meta’s Oculus. Meta has recently shown the place it holds on the field. On the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday of the ongoing year, this Oculus device became one of the most sold products. Not only this, but even at Apple’s App Store, it topped the list in the United States, while becoming the top application on Android’s Play Store, meaning that the device was bought by a great number of people as a Christmas present.

The headset is expected to be introduced next year or by 2023. However, the company needs to disclose it soon to brief their audience on what the device is capable of and how to use it. And the recent appointment of Andrea could mean that the headset is already on its way.

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