AV-TEST Published Its Findings On The Best macOS Anti-Virus Software, With Separate Lists For Home And Business Users

AV-TEST recently put out a list of the best macOS anti-virus software for both home users as well as business users.

Anti-viruses are incredibly important, what with the insanely high number of cybersecurity threats being encountered online nowadays. A recent report published by Akamai even went so far as to reveal that over 720 million separate cybersecurity threats were encountered over just these past 30 days. Of those, 73% were malware-based, meaning that the anti-virus software we kept ignoring whenever it bugged us for an update is starting to look really useful. At any rate, anti-viruses don’t necessarily come with the turf as far as macOS desktops are concerned, with many users even believing that Apple products simply can’t be infected with viruses. However, such a believe is slightly misguided, and malware is a sort of threat that can not only infect anything, but also cause severe harm in the process. What’s the harm in spending a few extra bucks, thereby ensuring that you can keep yourself safe from any externals sources of detriment to your desktop; an incredibly useful and pertinent piece of machinery in today’s world.

AV-TEST’s anti-virus analysis publications are circumscribed into two separate categories: one for home users, and another for business users. This makes sense, considering just how different online interactions and desktop usage is for both groups. The anti-virus software were graded on the basis of three different criteria: protection, performance, and usability; with each of the three awarded points out of a total of 6. With the parameters of our research established, let’s get to work detailing which software is best and for what.

For home users, a total of eight separate anti-viruses were assessed, and all but one attained the maximum attainable score of 18 across all three criteria. Of these, notable names included Avast, F-Secure, AVG, NortonLifeLock, and Avira. The only software that failed to get an 18 was Protected.com, attaining a total of 17 owing to a total of five out of six in the protection category. At any rate, placing last by only losing one mark in such impressive competition isn’t really the detriment that it may seem at first glance. Overall, there are a lot of options for home users to rely on.

Now, let’s shift our perspective to business users, with there being a total of six anti-viruses to pick from. Much like the home users, business users have a pretty good pool of software to select from, with all but one of the anti-viruses scoring a perfect 18. Even more encouraging is the fact that the only software not to do so, Acronis, still scored a 17.5, losing that elusive half a mark to performance. This leaves business users with an even better list of anti-viruses to pick from, even is the list is shorter than the ones home users enjoy.

These Are the best MacOS antivirus software for business and home users

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