Globally, The Smartphone Userbase Projected To Grow By 18 Percent Throughout The Years 2022-2026

Gone are the days when you had to have an expensive laptop or a computer to do certain tasks. Or if you wanted to capture a nice picture, you needed an expensive camera. Or if you wanted to play some games which had heavy graphics, you had to have a high end pc in order to play. But now as we know that technology is evolving, we’re getting these things all together in one place.

You all are probably wondering what is this guy talking about? Well I’m talking about the newest and latest smartphones. These phones are coming out with the best and latest of technologies and even though they are a bit on the expensive side, they have all the functionalities that would make them the perfect portable device that you can carry in your pockets.

According to StrategyAnalytics data, it is being predicted that the smartphone market is projected to grow around 4% throughout the year 2022, with Android being ones leading the gadgets world with the most number of phones. iOS would also enjoy the privilege of growing along the lines as Huawei is facing a tough time.

Moreover, the smartphone market would see a spike in its graph to about 18% from 2022-2026. As most of the market in North America and Western Europe has already been penetrated, the most number of users that would increase would be in the Africa and Middle East regions. Central Eastern Europe and Asia pacific aren’t far behind them as well.

This growth that we are seeing is mostly because of the current pandemic situation which has made people to adapt the “Work-from-Home” concept. Moreover, markets in Brazil, India, Russia would have a great penetration rate as compared to other countries.

Another survey was conducted this year on the number of people that own either a smartphone or a smart feature phone, and it was concluded that about 6 Billion people in the world have either a smart phone or a smart-feature phone which makes up about 70% people in the world.

The Highest smartphone usage is shown in China, with almost 851 million people owning a device. The Least amount of smart phone users are said to be in Switzerland with about 6.2 million users.

The regions with the best penetration is the UK market, with almost 83% of its people owning a smartphone. The lowest market is in Nigeria with only 15% of its total population having a smartphone.

In the next few years, we’ll be seeing that many new companies might come into the mobile business and try to go neck and neck with the smart phone giants like Samsung and Apple. It is only a matter of time when one company comes along with better features and cheaper prices that would make people choose them instead of Apple or Samsung.

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