Instagram Accidentally Banned An Individuals’ Pre-Existing Account For Having Metaverse In The Name

Instagram banned an individual’s account under the premise of it being an “impersonator”, simply because of it having the platform handle of @metaverse, reports NYT.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s been in a situation where they’re trying to sign up for a new service or platform. They’re typing away, filling in the necessary details, so on and so forth. Alas, however, the username they have just tried to enter has already been taken! What misfortune indeed, we all think to ourselves, as we then try any variation of a username that essentially boils down to our name plus a few numbers or decimals here and there. I honestly feel really bad for people with names such as Ash, Ali or Ben, because literally any possible variation of these has already been used across the internet. At any rate, as it turns out, we didn’t need to put in all of that work trying to figure out a new username! Far from it, as a matter of fact, since all that was required was a simple two-step process. Step one: find the account using the handle that you need. Step two: report that account into oblivion, and take the username once it’s been taken down!

I jest, of course, but apparently Instagram isn’t here to play around since that is exactly what the social media platform did. The Metaverse is a concept that we’ve been hearing about a lot nowadays, ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta. The entire goal here is to set up a new social media platform, but one that exists in a VR world full of mini-games, adventure, and interactivity. The company formerly known as Facebook is apparently so dedicated to the entire gig that it changed its name in accordance. Imagine shifting your entire identity to better match the current gig that you’re into. The only other example of something similar that comes to mind is one of kids wearing black and dressing emo, since they discovered Bullet for my Valentine and now believe that this will define their personality.

@metaverse is the handle of an online visual artist by the name of Thea-Mai Baumann. Naturally, she was extremely confused to wake up one day and see her account having been shut down for impersonation. After some complaining to Instagram, which went unheard, her story hit the headlines on some news channels, forcing the platform to reconsider their approach and give her back the account. In a world where so many of our job prospects, our portfolios, and even our social lives revolve around social media, losing an account is a rough deal.

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