Has social media seen its peak plateau and is its popularity dying out compared to a few years back?

While there was not much social media and internet use two decades ago, the current times are different. Social media is one of the main part of our everyday life and almost everyone in the world has an account on one social application or the other.

Social media plays a huge role in our everyday life and we spend a huge chunk of our day on it. The data from Statista report showed that an average person spent almost 142 minutes on social media in 2021. The social networking world now not only shows us what is happening around the world, but it is also a great way to be connected with friends and family despite the web.

Hence, people use it a lot and enjoy being online. So, when there is a wide population around you online on social media, you ought to believe that the social media time is thriving right?

Well, wrong. Data shows the social media hype had reached its peak a long time back and according to the recent reports its growth is slowly declining. The decrease is also slowly and gradually evident with a report indicated about three minutes’ decrease in social media average usage since the past year.

However, while there can still be some different thoughts behind this too. Why?

Well, the statistics still cannot be completely concluded because there is a vast variety of population living in the under developed countries which still have not been completely exposed to social media and internet in general. So when they haven’t started using the web properly, counting them in the decrease seems unfair right.

The question though arises, what caused the three percent decrease in the social media usage at a time when new technologies are coming through? Well, to start, the rising awareness and proofs in the fact how social media is harmful for your mental health speaks a lot for it. Many people have stopped using social media because of the impacts it was causing not only on the mental health but there over all personality too.

However, Facebook is still confident in the fact that social media is bound to grow in the coming years. The tech firm is bringing about and working on more innovative technology and will be launching some amazing stuff in the coming future.

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