Apple finally rolls out iOS 15.2 software update after keeping it in Beta for long, and it has some really cool features

Apple one of the leading mobile and tech company in the world, often updates its iPhone software. The latest updates bring about some great new features, newer controls and a few fixes here and there. It all makes iPhones really fun to use and of great demand among the public.

The tech firm recently released its software version 15.2 after a long beta testing period. The new software has some really cool features that we will discuss here. To start off, the company boasts a new Digital Legacy Program. This new feature will allow the user to designate a few people who will be able to access their phone’s data in case they die, while anyone else will not be able to get hold of any data. While we know that Apple has always been conscious about its user privacy, none of us saw it coming at such extremes, however, it’s for our own good.

Image: MR / YT.

Followed by this the tech firm is launching an App privacy report which will enlist all the apps a phone has, what permissions they hold in terms of your data and what other websites are the connected to. This will give users a thorough idea of which app is using what data and where is it expected to send it.

Other than this some feature for Apple Music and a fix for the iPhone 13 macro mode has also been launched in the software.

Apart from this the company is taking some major steps towards child safety. Previously Apple scanned pictures sent to children before they made its way to the cloud. Now the company will be blurring any messages which it finds explicit and sent on a child’s phone. It will notify the children that the company believes that this may be harmful content and to take some adult supervision of the are feeling threatened.

The company in iOS 15.2 has also brought changes in Safari and Siri which will redirect the users to authentic and genuine resources if the search anything related to child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Moreover, what I feel is one of Apple’s most thoughtful feature till now is the replacement authenticity. The company in its parts and service history feature will notify users whether the repair they got was genuine or not. Most often when you go to get something repaired on your iPhone or even to get a basic service done, the store owner can fool you and put in some unauthentic part, claiming them to be genuine. The company in its settings will now notify users if the repaired part was genuine or not.

The company is doing great and has come a long way in the launch of some great devices and unique features and it still has a long way to go.

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