Google Play Store removed a theme customization app which spreads the Joker malware

With the evolution of the world and the massive changes and updates that have come in technology, one thing has followed precisely as well. It is the increasing spread and infections of malware. Malwares are basically viruses which are secretly sent into your system and then it ruins it.

Very recently one of the most prolific Android malwares was found in one of Google’s Play Store Application. The malware spreading application is called ‘Color Message’ which externally portrayed to be an application which help users design and maintain the color of their mobile screen and keypads according to their likings, but in secret was spreading the malware into your Android system.

The malware was detected by Cybersecurity researchers at Pradeo when 500,000 users who fell victim to it were reported. This means the application was downloaded by 500K users before it became clear the harms that it causes. However, Google was soon notified by the researchers and the tech giant has now removed the application from its app store.

However, the question is what does the malware do? Well, according to reports it managed to do three particular tasks. The malware accesses the user’s data and sends it to the hackers, automatically subscribers users to premium services ultimately stealing money from them and lastly generates revenues from malicious ads by stimulating clicks on them.

This isn’t the first time such an instances have occurred somewhere. In the past two years with the Covid and the increase in technology many severe cases of malware spread and data loss was reported. This is extremely harmful because through such malwares users can lose access to some of their most important data’s and can face severe loss.

While Google has always been conscious about the safety and protection of its users and their data, this malware spread came out as a shock to many. The fact that it infected so many people was another reason people questioned the company. However, Google soon cleared that its system is strongly built to make sure that such malware spreading apps don’t make it to the app store, however, this app used very little coding and managed to hide t professionally and hence Google detection system missed it.

However, Google has now removed the applications from its Play Store and us urging users to delete it from their phones as well.

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