Facebook’s Nick Cregg speaks what he thinks isn’t the best part about the company’s VR glasses

Facebook is taking some massive steps towards advancing technology as it announced to introduce a virtual reality universe called ‘Metaverse’ and is working towards a nifty VR Headsets tech which will help users be a part of the digital universe and converse and meet with their friends online by wearing these glasses.

While Facebook has big hopes from both the headsets as well as metaverse, one of Facebook’s top men named Nick Clegg was in an interview with Financial Times when he passed a comment on the VR headset. Nick Clegg is one of Zuckerberg’s top people on board. He used to be a politician in the United Kingdom, who left politics and joined Facebook. Since then he has been a prominent member of the tech firm and has helped Mark Zuckerberg in taking massive steps like announcing Meta as the company’s new name or introducing the concept of Metaverse.

With Financial Times, Nick Clegg while demonstrating the VR Headset in their interview stated that he wasn’t happy with the size or weight of the headset. According to him, if he wanted to drink coffee in the virtual universe he would have to tilt his head wearing these glasses in the physical universe in a manner which mimicked drinking. However, with the weight of these headset, he definitely ought to have a neck spasm.

However, the weight and size of the VR headset has been an occurring problem for very long. Facebook is aware that the headsets have a problem and that its weight can cause headaches and neck pains. Facebook does plan on changing its size, however, according to the tech giant it may take a few years to do it.

Moreover, the AR VR glasses have a massive growth expectancy and Louis Rosenberg, a 30-year augmented reality veteran and CEO of Unanimous AI believes that in the future AR glasses will replace smartphones for general interaction.

Nick Cregg also discussed how Facebook planned on indefinitely suspending Trump’s account after the incident at the Capitol and several other instances which brought about massive regrets with his time in the government.

While many believe that the peak social media season has long gone and we are more towards the declining side. However, Facebook is still pretty sure that the Metaverse will change technology and will bring massive changes in the social media world and that too for good.

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