Google offers some handy features which will help you facilitate your medical problems and queries more easily

Google one of the leading tech firms in the world, is always contributing new advancements. This time around, the company is investing in medical related technology. With Covid19 emerging, people being locked in the house and the trip to a hospital being more conscious than ever, Google brought in a great feature.

The company has added some new tools to its Search bar that will help users find more updated and correct information related to the healthcare system within the United States. To start off, users will find a new filter which will enlist all hospitals and clinics within the States offering Medicare. Medicare, is a facility offered within the States which allows patients, especially the older people a chance to conduct their appointments online through phone or video calls.

Apart from this, Google will facilitate clinics to add basic information about themselves. Starting off with what languages do the staff at their office or clinics speak so that people who do not speak fluent English do not have difficulty communicating. Up until now around different clinics have updated around twelve languages.

Health Care Providers in response to this new update will also be able to update their Google Business Profiles. In this feature, health care workers will be able to update their profiles and insert their working hours and where they work as well, so that its easier for patients to check up and take appointments with their physicians based on when they are free and if their physician is available at that time.

All these while may not be big changes, these definitely are changes worth the implementations. Medicare list will provide users the chance to checkup which physician and what hospitals provide online services, so that its easier for them to take appointments. At the same time, the language information is a great option. Communication is an integral part when it comes to medicine. If a patient is not able to deliver all his problems to his physician because of some language gap, the treatment will be hard. Hence, clinical updating beforehand about the languages they can cater is great feature.

Google for the longest time has provided the utmost best feature it has to offer. The company is always working towards some new and unique feature which have benefited the world a lot. These features may be small, but their impacts will be great. Apart from this, the company will definitely be bringing some great features in the future and we cannot wait to see what it has to offer.

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