Google has announced a number of new bundle of joy features for its Android users this holiday season

Google announced various new features in the month of the festivities and celebration.

Some of these features are available from today for Android users and remaining features will be making their way soon.

The bundle includes a family bell, phone as a car key, new memories of Google Photos, auto improvement for Android, and three new widgets for Google Play Books, Google Photos, YouTube Music, and many more.

Some of the features that the tech firm is introducing are described below:

We start off with the Phone as a car key feature. What this feature does? Well, from today you can start to lock and unlock your cars by using your phones. Pixel 6 pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 users can use their phone as their car key with compatible BMW cars. But unfortunately, it's available in limited countries.

Family Bell feature will now help you keep track of your family through the family bell app. Now it's very easy to remember events and family gatherings with this feature. When you install the family bell app on your Android device. Notification, bell, and smart display will alert you when it's time for a family celebration, or a family event.

Memories is a feature which looks back in the past. Memories recall a great new addition in Google Photos. Google remembers the important days of your life like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation. Photos from your memorable holidays like a beach party, trip to the mountain, camping at hill areas and every important moment.

The Emoji Kitchen will give access to the users to a bundle of more emoticons and will help you share your sentiments to your loved ones when you lack words to do it.

The app permission will notify you when your Android automatically turns off your app permission. Sometimes we install an app for food delivery and we allow them to access our location but did not use that app for some time, with our permission given to Android. Our device will automatically turn off permission for that app that's we did not use in a while. We can always give the permission back through the settings or opening the app again.

Apart from this, three new Google widgets are also making their way soon.

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