Twitter will form a Moderation Research Consortium by early 2022

Twitter has recently shared the steps it is planning to take to shows its transparency related to the management of the content being shared on the social network.

According to a blog post written by Yoel Roth and Vijaya Gadde, in the early 2022, Twitter will roll out its association namely Twitter Moderation Research. The aim of this association is to gather people who are experts in their respective fields such as journalism, civil community, academia as well as NGOs.

People with a proper history of being affiliated with research on topics such as moderating online content or being linked with an organization such as a news agency or research firm, will be provided with a membership.

As per the blog, Twitter will make sure that the process of handing out membership will be done openly to show the standards on which members will be selected. It also added that everyone will have the freedom to share whatever the outcomes of their research are. Twitter will not put any forced control on the results.

Currently, over 200 research workers are already working on the Twitter’s data and now the app will ask them to join the new Moderation Research association. Other research workers can also apply if they want to.

Once the research group is finalized and the Consortium is made, data will be shared with them by Twitter and they can publish their individual findings. The data being shared will include campaigns on manipulation through twitter and later policies for moderating content will also be shared. As a result, the members of the association will be the first to review the public data released by the site .

While concluding the blog, Roth and Gadde added that Twitter’s main aim in forming this association is to keep transparency at every step, as it is the core around which the whole project sits. They also said that Twitter will work to make other issues transparent as well and will keep working on their goal while sharing their results with the general public.

Photo: Dima Solomin / Unsplash

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