Unicode Consortium shares list of most and least used emojis on social media in 2021

Sometimes we don't have enough words to describe our feelings to someone. It's doesn't matter if it's the feeling of love or hate and sometimes we don't have time to write a long text. So during such times, emoji are our best friend which plays a vital role to help us communicate with someone.

A recent analysis by The Unicode Consortium revealed that the most used emoji’s in 2021 were almost the same as those used in 2019 when the last similar report was published.

The top ten emoji used worldwide include:
  • Tears of Joy πŸ˜‚
  • Red Heart ❤️
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing 🀣
  • Thumbs Up πŸ‘
  • Loudly Crying Face😭
  • Folded Hands (also known as the prayer emoji)πŸ™
  • Face Blowing a Kiss 😘
  • Smiling Face With Three HeartsπŸ₯°
  • Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes 😍
  • Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes 😊
According to Unicode Consortium (a Nonprofit organization) the tear of joy is the most frequently used emoji since 2019. Tears of joy is getting the highest popularity since 2019, and the only comparative emoji which came near to the tears of joy is the Red heart.

The fact that we are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, the emoji selections shows that at least we are moving towards a positive and loving mindset despite the difficult times.

The Tear of joy saw a 5 percent use among all the other 3,633 emoji’s that were surveyed. Apart from this, several other emoji’s were used too, among which the top 10 accounted for almost 82 percent of the user’s use. Signs which were often used are the Thumbs up emoji indicating approval, acceptance, the face blowing a kiss represents love and joy. The Two hearts, one is big and one small represent love, affection for each other. Loudly crying face indicated disappointment while the smiling face with the heart eyes showed true love with a joyful heart.
Considering we are in the middle of the pandemic, the health-related emoji’s category was also common in use this year. The red hot face and the woozy face emoji were the most common among health emoji’s.

While we have given you a list of the most popular emoji’s there were certain emoji’s which were used the least as well. The top most unpopularly used emoji’s were the national flag emoji’s. While the flags have the most emoji’s in all categories, they were the least used emoji’s in all categories. Apart from this, the ABCD emoji’s (officially known as the input method of Latin capital), clock face, passport control, mountain railways, do not litter symbol were also included in most uncommon used emoji’s.

Emoji’s play a great role when we don’t have words to reply to someone. It’s better to use an emoji to reply than having someone left hanging, un-replied.

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