For YouTube Premium users, listening controls are accessible on both Android and iOS

YouTube started testing "listening controls" in May, with the goal of bringing a separate music player to the main interface for Premium members. This user interface is now generally available for all videos. For YouTube Premium members on Android and iOS, the 'Listening Controls' function is apparently being rolled out.

The new function allows users to have more control over their music while listening to it on the platform. You may use it to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind videos. When enabled, this new feature will change everything that appears beneath the video and will persist even if you transition to a different movie. Users of the YouTube app may store new songs to a playlist by using the listening controls.

The “listening control” feature replaces everything under the video window with listening controls. The major buttons are play/pause, next/previous, and 10 second rewind/forward. You can also like (with a count), save to a playlist (by holding down the option), and modify the playing speed. The video's title and channel are shown above, and this page may be dismissed by clicking in the top right corner. YouTube recommends that you start "Listening controls" through a pill above the player window when watching music. However, any video may be launched from the overflow menu in the corner. It's in the middle of the screen, between the "Playback Speed" and "Watch in VR" buttons. The listening controls are permanent once activated, and they stay active even if you go to a different home feed movie, search, or other activity. Although the pill indicates that it is for listening to music, it may be used for any type of audio, including podcasts, which YouTube is studying.
It's preferable to interacting with the variety of little symbols in the movie window that vanish after a few seconds. Finally, the "Up next" feed is hidden by the persistent nature, resulting in a delightful rootless YouTube experience. For YouTube Premium users, listening controls are accessible on both Android and iOS. It offers an intriguing paid benefit that appears to have expanded over the last several weeks and was available to all US customers.

H/T: 9to5G.

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