3 new updates will be added for creators on YouTube Analytics

Video sharing hub YouTube has become a source of income for a large number of creators. Due to this, the developers keep bringing in new updates to facilitate them. While they introduce new features to make things more accessible for the viewers, at the same time they also work on features to assist their content creators.

YouTube analytic is one of those features that can give an overview to the uploader about the reach of their channel as well as the response received by their videos. Lately, YouTube analytics has been receiving a lot of attention from the site developers. Back in June 2021, YouTube analytics received 5 new updates. These updates were meant to provide more details to creators regarding the interaction between users and the uploaded content.

The 5 updates that were added included more information about the membership of a channel, previously the desktop version of YouTube analytics had more data available but now the data was shared with mobile phones as well, the performance of a particular video will be given in more depth along with change in revenues and metric engagement.
Once again, the developers are planning to bring in 3 new updates, as per Creator Insider, for their content creators. According to Abhinav, a Program Manager at YouTube, they are working to assist new creators who make YouTube Shorts. If a content creator wants to know about the growth of their channel, they can simply tap the Analytics option on their channel’s homepage and will be able to learn about the performance and growth of their YouTube channel.

Abhinav further added that the second update is related to the live streamers, he told that YouTube has released two separate cards on the mobile video overview for live streamers, the first card will give an analytical overview on the concurrent viewers while the other card will be linked with the Chat messages received when the stream was live.

Lastly he added that the third update will contain a real time subscribers card for the Analytical shorts screen. This feature will help new content creators to better understand their content as now they will be able to check which short was able to gather more subscribers and hence they can easily make up a new strategy for their future content.

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