Data Reveals That Apple Users Are Eager To Move On Towards Newer OS, With The iOS 15 Marketplace Share Nearing 61 Percent In Just Two Months

Recent data analysis reveals that around 6 in 10 of Apple users have made the switch to iOS 15, just as the new iOS 15.2 starts being prepped for release.

The data analysis was published by Mixpanel, a software firm developing self-serve analytics tools that netizens can utilize in any of the online niches they wish to occupy. Their study of the iOS 15 adoption data was an attempt by the firm to both bring more attention towards its own data analytics tools, as well as a study on how well Apple users take to new operating software. Apparently, the numbers reveal that users take to them quite well, what with iOS 15 having only been released near the end of September. Two months isn’t all that much time, especially for users to upgrade their phone software to something new. Android users take ages before they finally decide on moving on, Windows users curse every update that comes their way, mandatory or otherwise. Apparently, however, over half of Apple’s entire team was completely fine with the change in software, and took to it pretty well.

I believe a major reason that Apple users are much more accommodating to new updates is related to a sense of trust that the company imparts to its users. With each new software, users have a sense of assurance that they bounce back on. There are no worries about whether or not a new update will render one’s phone immobile, or if some glitch will cause the device to act buggy. As a matter of fact, it’s not just the assurance of high-quality new tech that users really attach themselves to, it’s also what those updates carry with them that users end up looking forward to.

The iOS 14 introducing Tracking and Transparency features ended up being a winning move for Apple, with it receiving critical praise as well as leading to multiple users migrating to the newer OS. With other fun features such as widgets also in the mix, it’s no wonder that Apple users are eager to migrate and try out new stuff. Apple’s garnered such a clean reputation with its userbase that new updates aren’t seen as a potential method of losing old features, but as a way of gaining new ones.

iOS 15 is nearing 61.26% downloads, and may even have crossed that number by the end of 2021. The iOS 14 only has a 34.35% share of the iOS marketplace.

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