With the addition of new feature, Google claims to have the quickest Chrome browser

Google updated Chrome 86 in October, and with it, they brought out a new feature called occlusion to all Computer users. A study on the statistics relating to the performance advantages of occlusion was recently published on the Chromium blog.

In reality, when contrasted to other browsers, Chrome Browser has always been the fastest. Google can improve the speed of their browser even more by activating occlusion. Chrome has been minimizing resource utilization for several years by lowering the priority of background tabs and reduced Chrome windows. Google, on the other hand, does not lower the priority of tabs that are open in Chrome windows in the background but aren't minimized. Chrome was able to lower the priority of tabs hiding behind other Windows apps thanks to the new occlusion technology.

Google Chrome now not only loads quicker, but it also uses 3.1 percent less GPU memory thanks to the addition of occlusion. According to Google, it has also managed to reduce the chance of problems connected to the renderer by 4.5 percent while improving initial input delay by 3%. Without a doubt, Google's efforts in Google Chrome have arrived at precisely the right time. Microsoft is making a big fuss about Microsoft Edge and all of the features that come with it, so Google Chrome's performance bump should give consumers another reason to continue with it.

It's critical for Google to keep coming up with new methods to improve Chrome's speed. Chrome presently holds 66.35 percent of the desktop browser market share, according to StatCounter.

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