App Annie’s 2021 Report Shows TikTok’s Dominance

Taking a look at App Annie’s year end report on apps performance is a pretty strong representation of the kind of growth that TikTok has managed to see over the course of this year as well as the years prior to this one. TikTok has dominated all three categories of this report, namely Breakout Downloads, Breakout Consumer Spending and Breakout Monthly Active users. However, it’s not just TikTok’s direct growth that indicates its dominance of the industry with all things having been considered and taken into account.

The area where TikTok found the most success was in Breakout Consumer Spending. This measures the increase in consumer spending within a particular platform. TikTok managed to take second place on this list, with its performance only having been exceeded by YouTube in this regard. It also did quite well when it came to monthly active users, coming in at fourth place ahead of industry giants like Amazon and Facebook, with the latter just barely managing to attain a top ten spot as it came in at number nine.

This report is supposed to indicate growth, and TikTok’s growth rate has been far higher than most other better established apps. Instagram managed to win out in the MAU growth category with its second place spot, but its absence from the other categories indicates how Meta’s influence is slowly starting to wane. Perhaps more notably is the app that came in first in the Breakout MAU category, namely Telegram. This is WhatsApp’s biggest competitor, and its high growth rate might give some Meta executives cause for alarm.

Perhaps the most significant category to see if you want to get an idea of TikTok’s influence is Breakout Downloads. The interesting thing is that TikTok isn’t even present on this list, but in spite of the fact that this is the case there are three apps on the list that showed remarkable download rate growths that would not exist without TikTok. The first of these is CapCut, an editor tool that is custom designed for TikTok videos that managed to gain the top spot in this list indicating the most growth in first time installs.

The second and sixth positions on this list were taken by MX TakaTak and Moj. The former of these two gives it away with the name, and while the second is not quite as blunt it doesn’t change the fact that both of them are essentially TikTok clones. They were launched in India following the country’s ban on TikTok, and it just goes to show how influential TikTok is when its absence is quickly filled by clones due to high demand for its platform.

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