HackerOne releases its ethical hacking security report for the year 2021

Over the last few decades, technology has seen immense growth, one thing that has grown alongside tech is hacking.

Hacking simply means to get into someone else's system and steal their data without their permission. However, there is a type of hacking more on the bright side, and it is termed as ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is a term for the procedure of detecting the security loopholes in company’s infrastructure and system.

Organizations use ethical hacking quite often. They obtain this legally hacking system when they need to prevent cyberattacks and security breaches in their system on the platform of HackerOne.

HackerOne is a connecting platform between businesses with cybersecurity investigators and bug-finders. Every year, HackerOne shared its security report from the inside world of ethical hacking on the world's largest database of vulnerabilities and this year in 2021 ethical hackers found 20% more vulnerabilities compared with the year 2020.

Their latest report on ethical hacking also indicate the encouraging trend in increasing organizational cyber security awareness as many more companies appear to give prominence to vulnerabilities management.

In the current year, more than 66,500 accurate vulnerabilities were exposed by the ethical hacker, inside the HackerOne security report 2021.

This is a 264% YOY (year to year) increase in bugs via penetration test. A penetration test is a sort of security test, in which a company hires some qualified ethical hackers to know the strength of its cyber security.

At the same time, a 47% increase in security flaws was observed by the vulnerability disclosure program.

The top ten vulnerabilities are also the part of the HackerOne report detected on the platform.

Cross-scripting is at the top of the list of vulnerabilities followed by information disclosure and the third place on the list is improper access control.

When it comes to appreciating the ethical hackers, many organization comes with a great offers to these individuals, from $250 to $3000 or even $15000, depending on the stringency of the bugs found out a significant increase can be seen in these rewards in 2021.

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