WhatsApp Has Yet Introduced Another Tool To Help People With Their Business

WhatsApp is working a new thrilling feature this week, that will allow the WhatsApp Business users to create advertisements leading to their WhatsApp accounts. Thanks to WhatsApp for helping businesses grow by linking their WhatsApp to their promotional videos posted on Facebook. Not only this, but the company has also previously explained further about making money through WhatsApp.

Before this new update, people had to use Facebook's Ad platform to advertise on WhatsApp. However, the scenario will be different, soon. The company is testing a new option to configure it directly within WhatsApp Business settings. Businesses could Advertise on Facebook with the help of Business tools settings.

The option is currently available for some of the latest versions of WhatsApp beta, Android, and iOS users. Either by selecting a photo and video on your device or by choosing the new option of media from the App’s catalog, you could start creating a new Ad from within WhatsApp.
Depending on the budget you chose for the Ad, you can increase your reach to the audience of Facebook. People who will see your Ad can easily contact you by pressing the “Send Message” option. They can then engage with you through a call or text messages. For further details, you can also visit ‘Business Help Centre’ on Facebook. Also, to stay updated with the upcoming features of WhatsApp, follow DIW on Twitter.

Created while keeping small businesses in mind, WhatsApp helps you connect with your customers to provide immediate and personalized services. With 2 billion users worldwide, it is the most popular texting App. These features include saving answers to commonly asked questions, labels for organizing your work and customers and automated messages make it far easier for small businesses to grow.

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