WhatsApp users face scamming on the platform with scammers pretending to be their friend or family, since the past year

WhatsApp users for the last year have been facing a lot of scams online. The tech firm announced that almost 59 percent of its users faced scamming through WhatsApp messages in the past year.

Over the years, technology has increased vastly and along with that resources and techniques for online hacking have increased too. Hacking and Scams have become so common that people do not even realize that they are being scammed, when scammers approach them.

Considering how sly the scammers have gotten, WhatsApp one of the leading messaging platform also got attacked by them.

The tech firm recently reported that a lot of users have been receiving messages from unknown numbers pretending to be their friends and family and asking for help.

The company alerted users that this apparently aren't people they know but scammers who are looking for opportunities to hack your account or steal your money.

According to WhatsApp, the scammer will message users pretending to be someone they know. He then will send them a WhatsApp Security Code and will ask them to resend it to them. This is when the victim will fall into the trap. The security code is basically a way for hackers to hack into the victims account.

Apart from this, the company said that hackers might also ask for money while being your friend or family and many users without any verification have known to send the money as well.

The cases have increased so much that WhatsApp has issued a campaign on this along with National Trading Service to stop the hacking.

Apart from this, it is also urging users to think before replying to such messages and if users are suspicious of the contact, calling them or asking for a voice note is always of great help. If it will be your friend or someone you know, they definitely won’t hesitate in sending a voice note or picking up. If they are a scammer, the situation will be the exact opposite.

Scamming and Hacking has increased greatly in the current era and hence users should always be alert of the unknown messages and calls they receive, or if they believe that something seems off on their online account.

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