Soon users would be able to read articles in the side panel of Google Chrome browser

First spotted by Leopeva64-2, the browsing giant Chrome is planning to expand its functionalities to include the reader mode. The reader mode that is already available on a stable Chrome via a developer flag includes a Reading List, Bookmarks, and Google Lens results, which also displays a simplified web page layout. Now, it is being moved to the right-side panel, to allow you to utilize the rest of the place of the main Chrome window to search for other websites.

Keep reading to know how the new Reader Mode works. Located on the right side of the Omnibox is the Side Panel and all you have to do is click it. To move it to the side panel, simply choose the Reader Mode. In case you want to switch to another tab and also want to see it on the side panel, you need to reopen the panel after closing it once.

Currently available in Chrome Canary, the new Reader Mode is under development.

Apart from this new feature, there are several other hidden ones you should be using. The first one is the link-sharing feature that allows you to create a custom link. The link can be created to any specific section of the text within the page. The link, when sent will enable anyone to directly get themselves to the area of text where you want to see them. It's your choice to use this feature on any of the following tools: Windows PC, Chromebook, Linux system, and even a Mac that is running on the latest Chrome version. Try it yourself, all you have to do is right-click after highlighting any text on any webpage of your desire. The next task is to copy the link to text or highlight and paste it to where ever you want.

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