WhatsApp's upcoming update will allow users to choose which contacts they want their 'last seen' status to be visible to, and which ones’ to not

WhatsApp one of the leading tech firms when it comes to online conversation, faced some severe backlash at the beginning of this year.

The criticism came after WhatsApp announced some changes in privacy policy and one point stated that they will be sharing user data with Facebook (now Meta).

This did not sit well with the people as many believed that their conversations would be shared too. However, WhatsApp cleared the air and notified users that the conversations on WhatsApp are end to end encrypted which means that nor Facebook or WhatsApp itself can access it.

Though the privacy issue raised some questions against WhatsApp, the tech firm did not take time to come back on track and regain users trust. The company since then has been introducing new and unique features which will help users in maintaining their privacy and security on the app.

Among many, the company has recently introduced one really epic feature which surely will be loved by many.

According to WABI, in the WhatsApp beta version, the company will allow users to hide their last seen from selected users.

As of current update, the company in order to hide the last seen only offers three options. To hide last seen from everyone, to hide it from people you have saved in contacts and from none at all. However, the beta settings show another option.

The new 'my contacts except option' will let WhatsApp users select contacts from whom they do not want to hide their last seen. Alternatively, this means that users you select will be able to see your last seen only while the remaining will not. This definitely will be a life saver for many.

Currently this version has been released for Beta which means that only a specific audience has gotten access to it. The company hasn't revealed when it will be released for a larger audience, but we are sure that it will be sooner than we think.

WhatsApp for sure has brought some epic features in the past for its users. Though the company got caught up in allegations, but it for sure has managed to hop back on track with its new features and all. The company seems to have great plans for the future and we cannot wait to see what they will be launching in the future.

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