How Much Influence do Influencers Truly Have?

Influencers are an often mysterious aspect of internet culture as well as the global economy that many struggle to fully understand. It is pretty clear that using an influencer in your advertising is the sort of thing that can end up benefiting you at the very least to a certain extent, but how much of an impact do they truly have? With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a global survey conducted by Statista has revealed quite a bit of information that many would find to be rather pertinent.

It turns out that influencers have a bigger impact in the Global South, with countries like Brazil, China and India seeing phenomenally high numbers for ads where influencers are brought into the mix. In this survey, about 43% of respondents in Brazil claimed that they bought a product due to the reason that they saw an influencer in the ads. The numbers for China and India are 34% and 33% respectively, and things dropped off from there with only 21% of people saying the same in Italy.

The country where influencers ended up performing the worst were countries like Germany and the UK where only 15% of people were swayed by seeing an influencer in advertising, and the worst country for influencers was France because only 12% of people said the same. That said, these countries often have influencers that are far more subtle in how they market products, so it might just be that people in these countries bought something because of an influencer but they just didn’t know that that was the actual reason for them wanting to purchase said product. This is something that a lot of people need to start to keep in mind based on the kind of impact it can have.

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