The Best Antivirus Software For MacOS And Android Devices, Both For Home And Business Users

Independent IT intelligence and security firm AV Test has conducted it's own analysis and listed the best software to use for both MacOS and Android devices.

Yes, despite the long held belief that MacOS is completely bereft of and unaffected by malware, this is not the case. The operating system must, however, be commended for it's in-built security, with the overall interface very, very rarely being affected by viruses. This is a claim that its Windows brethren has sadly yet to be able to make, considering just how frequently viruses plague Microsoft products. Then again, illegal downloads and bootleg versions of the latter are much more accessible than those of the former, so that probably helped matters along. Accordingly, let's take a look at the best malware protection offers to MacOS.

The MacOS malware protection list was divided by users according to what works best for business use or home use, with the former being more streamlined and smoother, while the latter being more thorough and intensive. Each antivirus was graded out of 6 in three categories: protection, performance, and usability. With all of that established, only three antivirus candidates were found to have full, glowing marks across the three categories. They were, accordingly, named BitDefender, FireEye, and Semantiy. No further distinguishing data was provided by AVTest.

The list for MacOS home users, on the other hand, is much more extensive, considering of ten top entries instead of three. Avast leads the charge as being considered the best across the board, which isn't surprising. It's usage as an antivirus software has been well documented for a long time. BitDefender makes a reappearance on our top ten lists, scoring a perfect rep yet again. The only software to not get a 6 across the board were Canimann Software and ProtectedMicro, with each losing points in Protection.

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As far as Android security goes, AV Test's list is even more extensive. The parameters for judgement are still the same three used for MacOS. Avast yet again makes an appearance with a perfect 6 across all categories. The antivirus apparently does just as well with desktops as it does with mobile phones. In fact, the only entry on AV Test's list to not be certified as secure by the company, or to even get above a zero in Protection, is Play Protect. While the software may be accessible and usable, it's antivirus capabilities leave so, so much to be wanted.

On a final note, AV Test does still recommend Play Protect and ESET for business purposes. This author recommends that users spend the extra hit of cash and maybe invest in ESET, which got a six across the board. Google Play Protect may be an old brand, and business users may not require the most expansive of protection models, but one might as well invest in the best.

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